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icon of database logic symbol SAP  TABLESv1Made in Britain - the webs number one JD Edwards Table Definition reference

ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
2FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
3/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
4FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
5CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS
6/1RA/0SD010MI170Items for Class SD01 - Raw Data
7/ATL/AANLCP79Periodic Asset-value fields, like anlc, for all areas
8AUDLORIPR7KPro: Logical Information Object Attribute Values
9/OPT/Z1344Reporting table: Text table for exception definitions
10FCO_DOC_HEAD61Failure Cost Document Header

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

2OINV386A/R Invoice
3OCRD332Business Partner
4ORDR386Sales Order
5INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
6OJDT100Journal Entry
7JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows
8OACT114G/L Accounts
9OPOR386Purchase Order
10OPCH386A/P Invoice

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2OINV268A/R Invoice
3OVPM154Outgoing Payments
4ORCT154Incoming Payment
5OIVL77Whse Journal
6OPCH268A/P Invoice
7OOCR9Loading Factors
8OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
9JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows
10OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction - the webs number one PHP Function reference tool

402 tablesERP 6.0 

Controlling :: Product Cost Controlling
1ERP EHP76.0CATDE211CATT Test Data Memory, AttributesProduct Cost Controlling
2ERP EHP76.0CATDH181CATT Test Data Memory, HistoryProduct Cost Controlling
3ERP EHP76.0CATDO152CATT Test Data Memory, Test ObjectsProduct Cost Controlling
Controlling :: Product Cost Controlling :: Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
4ERP EHP76.0CKMI1232Index for Accounting Documents for MaterialActual CostingMaterial Ledger
5ERP EHP76.0CKML11182Material Ledger Period Totals Records (Release 3.xx)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
6ERP EHP76.0CKML2242Material Ledger Header Record (Release 3.xx)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
7ERP EHP76.0CKMLAB0121Material Update StructureActual CostingMaterial Ledger
8ERP EHP76.0CKMLAB01T41Material Update Structure (Description)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
9ERP EHP76.0CKMLAB01Z51Material Update Structure (Line Assignment)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
10ERP EHP76.0CKMLAB0231Material Update Structure (Assignment to Valuation Area)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
11ERP EHP76.0CKMLAGGREGATE51Aggregation ClassesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
12ERP EHP76.0CKMLCOCKPITSTATE151User Data for Actual Costing Costing RunActual CostingMaterial Ledger
13ERP EHP76.0CKMLCOPA71Assign Costing Key to Costing RunActual CostingMaterial Ledger
14ERP EHP76.0CKMLCR551Material Ledger: Period Totals Records ValuesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
15ERP EHP76.0CKMLCRWIP151Material Ledger: WIP Period Records (Values)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
16ERP EHP76.0CKMLCT81Currency Types and Valuation Types in a Valuation AreaActual CostingMaterial Ledger
17ERP EHP76.0CKMLCUR61Text for currency type and valuation typeActual CostingMaterial Ledger
18ERP EHP76.0CKMLDUV182Distribution of Usage Diff.(Status for each ISEG entry)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
19ERP EHP76.0CKMLDUVCO251Usage Differences for Each Account Assignment ObjectActual CostingMaterial Ledger
20ERP EHP76.0CKMLHD172Material Ledger: Header RecordActual CostingMaterial Ledger
21ERP EHP76.0CKMLHD_AGGR172Material Ledger: Header RecordActual CostingMaterial Ledger
22ERP EHP76.0CKMLKALNR71Material Ledger: Cost Estimate Number ControlActual CostingMaterial Ledger
23ERP EHP76.0CKMLKEKO111Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Header)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
24ERP EHP76.0CKMLKEPH551Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Elements)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
25ERP EHP76.0CKMLKEV81Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Control Record)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
26ERP EHP76.0CKMLKON61Assignment of Modification Constants to Acct Assignmt ReasonActual CostingMaterial Ledger
27ERP EHP76.0CKMLKONT41Description for Account Assignment ReasonsActual CostingMaterial Ledger
28ERP EHP76.0CKMLLACR191ML Activity Type: Period Record/Currency RecordActual CostingMaterial Ledger
29ERP EHP76.0CKMLLACRWIP91ML Activity Types: Period/ Currency Records WIP (Values)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
30ERP EHP76.0CKMLLAHD52ML Activity Types: Header RecordActual CostingMaterial Ledger
31ERP EHP76.0CKMLLAPP81ML Activity Types: Period RecordsActual CostingMaterial Ledger
32ERP EHP76.0CKMLLAPPWIP81Ml Activity Types: Period Records WIP (Quantities)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
33ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV001423Procurement alternativesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
34ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV001T41Texts for procurement alternativesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
35ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV00292Assignments material / procurement alternativesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
36ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV003263Process model: Receipts / mixing strategiesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
37ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV004164Process model: WithdrawalsActual CostingMaterial Ledger
38ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV004WIP433Process Model: Deductions WIPActual CostingMaterial Ledger
39ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV005302Consumption alternativesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
40ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV005T41Texts for consumption alternativesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
41ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV00661Control data for the quantity structure typesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
42ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV006T41Name for quantity structure typesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
43ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV00721Name formation (structure table)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
44ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV007A61Name formation (algorithms)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
45ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV007R291Name formation (naming rules)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
46ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV007RT41Name formation: Text for naming ruleActual CostingMaterial Ledger
47ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV007T41Name formation (name of structure)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
48ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV00961Process CatagoryActual CostingMaterial Ledger
49ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV009T41Process Catagory (description)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
50ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV01031Movement type group for ML updateActual CostingMaterial Ledger
51ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV010T41Text for movement type groups for ML updateActual CostingMaterial Ledger
52ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV011165Costing run: Object listActual CostingMaterial Ledger
53ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV011F131Costing Run: Filter Table for Object ListActual CostingMaterial Ledger
54ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV011T31Filter hierarchiesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
55ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV01241Costing run: Predecessor/successor modelActual CostingMaterial Ledger
56ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV013232Assignment table: Process for production orderActual CostingMaterial Ledger
57ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV01471Assignment table: Procurement alternative for orderActual CostingMaterial Ledger
58ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV01552Naming rule assignment for materials (header)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
59ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV015Z41Naming rule assignment for materials for each procure. cat.Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
60ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV01621Quantity structure tool: Naming ruleActual CostingMaterial Ledger
61ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV016T41Quantity structure tool: Texts for naming rulesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
62ERP EHP76.0CKMLMVADMIN31General Control Parameters for Actual CostingActual CostingMaterial Ledger
63ERP EHP76.0CKMLMV_AUX_KALNR101Cost Estimate Numbers for Valuated Objects in QSTActual CostingMaterial Ledger
64ERP EHP76.0CKMLMYMP151Periodic Receipt Values for Consumption Sequence ProcedureActual CostingMaterial Ledger
65ERP EHP76.0CKMLO121Material Ledger: Organizational JobsActual CostingMaterial Ledger
66ERP EHP76.0CKMLPP371Material Ledger Period Totals Records QuantityActual CostingMaterial Ledger
67ERP EHP76.0CKMLPPWIP81Material-Ledger: Period Records WIP (Quantities)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
68ERP EHP76.0CKMLPR341Material Ledger: PricesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
69ERP EHP76.0CKMLPRKEKO111Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Header) for PricesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
70ERP EHP76.0CKMLPRKEPH521Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Elements) for PricesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
71ERP EHP76.0CKMLPR_EB181Prices for Ending Inventory/Balance Sheet ValuationActual CostingMaterial Ledger
72ERP EHP76.0CKMLRSCHEMA21Key Figure Scheme in Material LedgerActual CostingMaterial Ledger
73ERP EHP76.0CKMLRUNPERIOD393Material ledger costing run for one monthActual CostingMaterial Ledger
74ERP EHP76.0CKMLRUNPLANT111Organizational units in a material ledger costing runActual CostingMaterial Ledger
75ERP EHP76.0CKMLRUNTYPE61Obsolete From Release 4.6AActual CostingMaterial Ledger
76ERP EHP76.0CKMLRUNTYPEBWKEY31Obsolete From Release 4.6AActual CostingMaterial Ledger
77ERP EHP76.0CKMLRUNTYPET51Obsolete From Release 4.6AActual CostingMaterial Ledger
78ERP EHP76.0CKMLSCHEMA41Definition of Key Figure Scheme in Material-LedgerActual CostingMaterial Ledger
79ERP EHP76.0CKMLSCHEMAT41Description of Key Figure Scheme in Material LedgerActual CostingMaterial Ledger
80ERP EHP76.0CKMLV71Material Ledger Control RecordsActual CostingMaterial Ledger
81ERP EHP76.0CKMLVARIANT171FIFO Costing VariantActual CostingMaterial Ledger
82ERP EHP76.0CKMLVARIANTT41Description of FIFO Costing VariantActual CostingMaterial Ledger
83ERP EHP76.0CKMLW151Material Ledger Currencies in Valuation AreaActual CostingMaterial Ledger
84ERP EHP76.0CKMLWIPCUST81Customizing: WIP To ActualActual CostingMaterial Ledger
85ERP EHP76.0CKML_INDX_RUN81System table INDXActual CostingMaterial Ledger
86ERP EHP76.0CKML_PRICE_SEND71Customizing Material Price DispatchActual CostingMaterial Ledger
87ERP EHP76.0CKML_SM_AC91Actual Costing Data for Schedule ManagerActual CostingMaterial Ledger
88ERP EHP76.0CKMVFM_BSEG_OUT301Display of FI Documents, Transaction CKMVFM, SAP Note 912984Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
89ERP EHP76.0CKMVFM_EXTRACT111Transaction CKMVFM, Extracts, see SAP Note 912984Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
90ERP EHP76.0CKMVFM_OUT571Output for the Value_Flow_Monitor, see SAP Note 912984Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
91ERP EHP76.0FCML_ACCMAP51Alternative Accounts for Material Ledger PostingsActual CostingMaterial Ledger
92ERP EHP76.0FCML_ACCONF81Configuration of HDB AcceleratorActual CostingMaterial Ledger
93ERP EHP76.0FCML_ALT221AlternativesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
94ERP EHP76.0FCML_CCS_REP231HDB Reporting Structure for MLActual CostingMaterial Ledger
95ERP EHP76.0FCML_FIAACO41Control Table Transfer of Depreciation to COActual CostingMaterial Ledger
96ERP EHP76.0FCML_MAT361ML Characteristics for Material (Selection Criteria)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
97ERP EHP76.0FCML_MLCO101Control Table Transfer of ML Postings to COActual CostingMaterial Ledger
98ERP EHP76.0FCML_PROC311Business ProcessesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
99ERP EHP76.0FCML_REP211ML Reporting StructureActual CostingMaterial Ledger
100ERP EHP76.0MLARC_IDX101Index for ML DocumentActual CostingMaterial Ledger
101ERP EHP76.0MLAUF271Material Ledger Item Table for Order HistoryActual CostingMaterial Ledger
102ERP EHP76.0MLAUFCR131Material Ledger Currency Table for Order HistoryActual CostingMaterial Ledger
103ERP EHP76.0MLAUFKEPH571ML: Cost Component Split (Components) for Order HistoryActual CostingMaterial Ledger
104ERP EHP76.0MLBE191Material Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transactionActual CostingMaterial Ledger
105ERP EHP76.0MLBECR141Material Ledger Currency Table for GR/IR relevant transact.Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
106ERP EHP76.0MLBECRH141Material Ledger Currency Table for GR/IR relevant transact.Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
107ERP EHP76.0MLBEH191Material Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transactionActual CostingMaterial Ledger
108ERP EHP76.0MLBEKEPH531ML: Cost Comp. Split (Elements) for Purchase Order HistoryActual CostingMaterial Ledger
109ERP EHP76.0MLCD191Material Ledger: Summarization Record (from Documents)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
110ERP EHP76.0MLCO451Material valuation document account assignment informationActual CostingMaterial Ledger
111ERP EHP76.0MLCR161Material Ledger Document: Currencies and ValuesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
112ERP EHP76.0MLCRF101Material Ledger Document: Field Groups (Currencies)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
113ERP EHP76.0MLCRP171Material Ledger Document: Price Changes (Currencies, Prices)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
114ERP EHP76.0MLFG21Material Ledger Document: Field GroupsActual CostingMaterial Ledger
115ERP EHP76.0MLHD212Material Ledger Document: HeaderActual CostingMaterial Ledger
116ERP EHP76.0MLIT433Material Ledger Document: ItemsActual CostingMaterial Ledger
117ERP EHP76.0MLITMB212Material valuation document row informationActual CostingMaterial Ledger
118ERP EHP76.0MLKEPH541ML Document: Cost Component Split (Elements) for ValuesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
119ERP EHP76.0MLMST81Material Ledger Document: Costing Run Header DataActual CostingMaterial Ledger
120ERP EHP76.0MLORDERHIST92Conversion Table for Order HistoryActual CostingMaterial Ledger
121ERP EHP76.0MLPP231Material Ledger Document: Posting Periods and QuantitiesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
122ERP EHP76.0MLPPF81Material Ledger Document: Field Groups (Posting Periods)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
123ERP EHP76.0MLPRKEKO111ML Document: Cost Component Split (Header)for PricesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
124ERP EHP76.0MLPRKEPH541ML Document: Cost Component Split (Components)for PricesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
125ERP EHP76.0MLWERE72Conversion Table between Purchasing and Material LedgerActual CostingMaterial Ledger
126ERP EHP76.0MLWIPCOREF31WIP Document in Material Ledger - Reference to CO DocumentsActual CostingMaterial Ledger
127ERP EHP76.0MLWIPHD142WIP Document in Material Ledger - HeaderActual CostingMaterial Ledger
128ERP EHP76.0MLWIPIT391WIP Document in Material Ledger - LinesActual CostingMaterial Ledger
129ERP EHP76.0T003L31Transaction Type for Material LedgerActual CostingMaterial Ledger
130ERP EHP76.0TCKMHD51Description of Material Ledger TypeActual CostingMaterial Ledger
131ERP EHP76.0TCKMIT31Currency Types and Valuation Categories for Mat. Ledger TypeActual CostingMaterial Ledger
132ERP EHP76.0TCKMLBNKS41Assignment of Other Account Key if Not to ActivateActual CostingMaterial Ledger
133ERP EHP76.0TCKMLBNKSZ51Assignment of Delivery Costs StructureActual CostingMaterial Ledger
134ERP EHP76.0TDUV15641Movement Types That Play a Role in DistributionActual CostingMaterial Ledger
135ERP EHP76.0TMLCCSCR41Act.Cost Comp. Split: Data Range in Valuation Area (Curr)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
136ERP EHP76.0TMLCCSHD31Act.Cost Comp. Split: Data Range in Valuation Area (General)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
137ERP EHP76.0TMLCCSSCOPE71Actual Cost Component Split: Structure of Data RangeActual CostingMaterial Ledger
138ERP EHP76.0TMLCCSSCOPETXT41Actual Cost Component Split: Split for Data Range (Texts)Actual CostingMaterial Ledger
Controlling :: Product Cost Controlling :: Cost Object
139ERP EHP76.0CKPHS301Control for Cost Object CategoryCost Object
140ERP EHP76.0CKPHT51Texts for CKPHCost Object
141ERP EHP76.0CKPST41Texts for Cost Object Category (CKPHS)Cost Object
142ERP EHP76.0COEPB302CO Object: Line Items Variance/Period-Based Results AnalysisCost Object
143ERP EHP76.0COKAA51CO Object: Control Data for Variances and Results AnalysisCost Object
144ERP EHP76.0COSB1612CO Object: Total Variances/Results AnalysesCost Object
145ERP EHP76.0COVAB72CO-PC Responsibility Area CharacteristicsCost Object
146ERP EHP76.0FCO_ACTIVE51Activation of Failure Cost ProcessingCost Object
147ERP EHP76.0FCO_DOC_HEAD615Failure Cost Document HeaderCost Object
148ERP EHP76.0FCO_DOC_POS161Failure Cost Document ItemCost Object
149ERP EHP76.0FCO_SETTINGS51Settings for Failure Cost ProcessingCost Object
150ERP EHP76.0OBJ_VAR_NAME51Table for OBJ_VAR_NAMESCost Object
151ERP EHP76.0PZPE232Line Items for Measuring Point UpdateCost Object
152ERP EHP76.0PZPP381Production Measuring Points: Period ValuesCost Object
153ERP EHP76.0PZPS151Production Measuring Point for Totals RecordCost Object
154ERP EHP76.0TKKA121Check Table of RA Key for Credit/Debit Results AnalysisCost Object
155ERP EHP76.0TKKA2101Control/Assignment Table for Credit/Debit Results AnalysisCost Object
156ERP EHP76.0TKKA341Text Table for RA Key for Credit/Debit Results AnalysisCost Object
157ERP EHP76.0TKKAA111Check Table for Results Analysis Key of RA for OrdersCost Object
158ERP EHP76.0TKKAB141Posting Rules for Results Analysis DataCost Object
159ERP EHP76.0TKKAD41Text Table for Results Analysis Keys of Order Results AnalysCost Object
160ERP EHP76.0TKKAE61Table of Supported Results Analysis MethodsCost Object
161ERP EHP76.0TKKAF31Text Table for Results Analysis MethodsCost Object
162ERP EHP76.0TKKAJ51Text Table for Results Analysis VersionsCost Object
163ERP EHP76.0TKKAK141Calculate Capitalization Value of Capital Investment MeasureCost Object
164ERP EHP76.0TKKAL31Entity Table for RA Versions for Assets Under ConstructionCost Object
165ERP EHP76.0TKKAP561Results Analysis Versions for Results AnalysisCost Object
166ERP EHP76.0TKKAR211Rule Table for Results Analysis UpdateCost Object
167ERP EHP76.0TKKAS731Control Table for Results AnalysisCost Object
168ERP EHP76.0TKKAS_L171Control Table for Results AnalysisCost Object
169ERP EHP76.0TKKAT51Text Table for Results Analysis VersionsCost Object
170ERP EHP76.0TKKAU681Results Analysis Methods - Default Values in TKKASCost Object
171ERP EHP76.0TKKAX31Line IDs for Results Analysis for OrdersCost Object
172ERP EHP76.0TKKAY51Text Table Line IDs for Results Analysis for OrdersCost Object
173ERP EHP76.0TKKAZ211Assignment Table for Results AnalysisCost Object
174ERP EHP76.0TKKH141Origin in CO ObjectCost Object
175ERP EHP76.0TKKH261Text Table for Origin in CO ObjectCost Object
176ERP EHP76.0TKKP1121Cost Object ID Control: General Default ValuesCost Object
177ERP EHP76.0TKV01111Variance Keys: Cost Centers/CostingCost Object
178ERP EHP76.0TKV0381Variance VersionsCost Object
179ERP EHP76.0TKV05171Variance VariantsCost Object
180ERP EHP76.0TKV0791Target Cost VersionsCost Object
181ERP EHP76.0TKV09171Target Cost VersionsCost Object
182ERP EHP76.0TKV1371Valuation Variants for WIP and ScrapCost Object
Controlling :: Product Cost Controlling :: Product Cost Planning
183ERP EHP76.0CKBS552Base Planning Object - Unit CostingProduct Cost Planning
184ERP EHP76.0CKBT61Texts for CKBSProduct Cost Planning
185ERP EHP76.0CKCM141Costing ModelProduct Cost Planning
186ERP EHP76.0CKCMC81Characteristics of a Costing ModelProduct Cost Planning
187ERP EHP76.0CKCMCT51Characteristics of a Costing Model - TextsProduct Cost Planning
188ERP EHP76.0CKCMCT_TR51Characteristics of a Costing Model - TextsProduct Cost Planning
189ERP EHP76.0CKCMC_TR71Characteristics of a Costing Model (Transportable)Product Cost Planning
190ERP EHP76.0CKCMT41Name for the Costing ModelProduct Cost Planning
191ERP EHP76.0CKCMT_TR41Name of the Costing Model (Transportable)Product Cost Planning
192ERP EHP76.0CKCMV92Costing Model: Model ValuationProduct Cost Planning
193ERP EHP76.0CKCM_TR141Costing Model (Transportable)Product Cost Planning
194ERP EHP76.0CKECPWORKSPACE101Hierarchical Worklists and Assignments in ECPProduct Cost Planning
195ERP EHP76.0CKECPWORKSPACET91Texts for Hierarchical Worklists in ECPProduct Cost Planning
196ERP EHP76.0CKHS831Header: Unit Costing (Control + Totals)Product Cost Planning
197ERP EHP76.0CKHT121Texts for CKHSProduct Cost Planning
198ERP EHP76.0CKIP961Unit Costing: Period Costs Line ItemProduct Cost Planning
199ERP EHP76.0CKIS1401Items Unit Costing/Itemization Product CostingProduct Cost Planning
200ERP EHP76.0CKIS_CC191Itemization: Additional Data - Concurrent CostingProduct Cost Planning
201ERP EHP76.0CKIT121Texts for CKISProduct Cost Planning
202ERP EHP76.0CKKS451Header: Unit Costing (Control + Totals)Product Cost Planning
203ERP EHP76.0CKKT91Texts for CKKSProduct Cost Planning
204ERP EHP76.0CKLAYOUT241User Settings for Layout of Cost EstimateProduct Cost Planning
205ERP EHP76.0CKMCSO_LOG61Mass Costing of Sales Orders: Log TextsProduct Cost Planning
206ERP EHP76.0CKPP431Periodic Values for Unit Costing ItemProduct Cost Planning
207ERP EHP76.0CKPS461Unit Costing ItemsProduct Cost Planning
208ERP EHP76.0CKPT91Texts for CKPSProduct Cost Planning
209ERP EHP76.0CKQS_MAP_ID101Mapping of Costing Run ID + Data Basis to VariantProduct Cost Planning
210ERP EHP76.0CKSBX_SERVER41Application Server for Shared BufferProduct Cost Planning
211ERP EHP76.0CKTC_CBEW242Costing Master Data - AttributesProduct Cost Planning
212ERP EHP76.0CKTC_GUID42Costing Master Data - ReferenceProduct Cost Planning
213ERP EHP76.0CKTC_KALNR72Database Table for Costing NumbersProduct Cost Planning
214ERP EHP76.0CMFK71Storage Structure for the Error Log HeaderProduct Cost Planning
215ERP EHP76.0CMFP301Storage Structure for Errors CollectedProduct Cost Planning
216ERP EHP76.0CMFPAR71Error Management: Additional Parameters for MessageProduct Cost Planning
217ERP EHP76.0ERROR_TABLE131Fehler-Tabelle für Überprüfung von Salden auf CO-ObjektenProduct Cost Planning
218ERP EHP76.0FVMK141Marking File for Release of Std Cost Est in Company CodeProduct Cost Planning
219ERP EHP76.0KALA561Costing Run: General Data/ParametersProduct Cost Planning
220ERP EHP76.0KALAMATCON161Selection List for Costing RunProduct Cost Planning
221ERP EHP76.0KALAMATCON261Selection List for Costing Run: Material ListProduct Cost Planning
222ERP EHP76.0KALAUSER131User-Dependent Settings for Costing RunProduct Cost Planning
223ERP EHP76.0KALD161Costing Run: Low-Level CodesProduct Cost Planning
224ERP EHP76.0KALF151Costing Run: Error Log HeaderProduct Cost Planning
225ERP EHP76.0KALM751Costing Run: Costing ObjectsProduct Cost Planning
226ERP EHP76.0KALO641Costing Run: Costing Objects (KVMK)Product Cost Planning
227ERP EHP76.0KALS161Costing Run: Costing LevelsProduct Cost Planning
228ERP EHP76.0KALSTAT121Costing Run: Statistical Info for Separate StepsProduct Cost Planning
229ERP EHP76.0KALV61Costing Run: Costing VariantsProduct Cost Planning
230ERP EHP76.0KANZ71Assignment of Sales Order Items - Costing ObjectsProduct Cost Planning
231ERP EHP76.0KEKO1277Product Costing - Header DataProduct Cost Planning
232ERP EHP76.0KEKO_CC171Additional Data for Concurrent CostingProduct Cost Planning
233ERP EHP76.0KEPH541Product Costing: Cost Components for Cost of Goods MfdProduct Cost Planning
234ERP EHP76.0KINX31Marking Table for Completed ActionsProduct Cost Planning
235ERP EHP76.0KNKO42Assignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. ObjectProduct Cost Planning
236ERP EHP76.0KNOB61Assignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. ObjectProduct Cost Planning
237ERP EHP76.0KUSE221Prod.Cstg: User-Specific Settings (Depends on Cstg Variant)Product Cost Planning
238ERP EHP76.0MAKA51Buffer Table for MiniApps of the CostingProduct Cost Planning
239ERP EHP76.0SMCOPCPCP141CO-PC-PCP Data in Monitor (see Schedman_specific_copc_pcp)Product Cost Planning
240ERP EHP76.0TCATTGROUPS52Catt-GruppenProduct Cost Planning
241ERP EHP76.0TCATTS51CATTsProduct Cost Planning
242ERP EHP76.0TCHAINS31Namen der ProzeßkettenProduct Cost Planning
243ERP EHP76.0TCK01251Costing TypesProduct Cost Planning
244ERP EHP76.0TCK0241Costing Types - TextsProduct Cost Planning
245ERP EHP76.0TCK03441Costing VariantsProduct Cost Planning
246ERP EHP76.0TCK0441Costing Variants - TextsProduct Cost Planning
247ERP EHP76.0TCK05371Valuation Variants in CostingProduct Cost Planning
248ERP EHP76.0TCK0641Valuation Variants in Costing - TextsProduct Cost Planning
249ERP EHP76.0TCK07101Costing Variants for Organizational UnitsProduct Cost Planning
250ERP EHP76.0TCK0821Indicator for Relevancy to CostingProduct Cost Planning
251ERP EHP76.0TCK0941Text Table for Relevancy to CostingProduct Cost Planning
252ERP EHP76.0TCK1051Price Factors for Relevancy to CostingProduct Cost Planning
253ERP EHP76.0TCK1261Product Costing: Object for Number AssignmentProduct Cost Planning
254ERP EHP76.0TCK1341Product Costing: Texts for Number Assignment ObjectProduct Cost Planning
255ERP EHP76.0TCK1441Overhead GroupsProduct Cost Planning
256ERP EHP76.0TCK1551Descriptions for Overhead GroupsProduct Cost Planning
257ERP EHP76.0TCK16151Date ControlProduct Cost Planning
258ERP EHP76.0TCK1741Date Control - DescriptionsProduct Cost Planning
259ERP EHP76.0TCK1861Deactivating Functions in Screen Sequence ControlProduct Cost Planning
260ERP EHP76.0TCK1981Quantity Structure Control (Single-Plant)Product Cost Planning
261ERP EHP76.0TCK19A71Quantity Structure Control (Cross-Plant)Product Cost Planning
262ERP EHP76.0TCK19AT41Text Table Quantity Structure Control (Cross-Plant)Product Cost Planning
263ERP EHP76.0TCK19T51Text Table Quantity Structure Control (Single-Plant)Product Cost Planning
264ERP EHP76.0TCK2051Quantity Structure Control for CostingProduct Cost Planning
265ERP EHP76.0TCK2261Reference Objects for CostingProduct Cost Planning
266ERP EHP76.0TCK2331Product Costing: Texts for Number Assignment ObjectProduct Cost Planning
267ERP EHP76.0TCK24341Transfer Control Table from CustomizingProduct Cost Planning
268ERP EHP76.0TCK2541Text Table for Transfer Control in CustomizingProduct Cost Planning
269ERP EHP76.0TCK2641Text Table for Quantity Structure ControlProduct Cost Planning
270ERP EHP76.0TCK2761Cost Component Split in Different CurrencyProduct Cost Planning
271ERP EHP76.0TCK2851CO Area Based CostingProduct Cost Planning
272ERP EHP76.0TCK29111Partner Versions for Group CostingProduct Cost Planning
273ERP EHP76.0TCK29T41Texts for Partner VersionProduct Cost Planning
274ERP EHP76.0TCK3051Cost Component TransferProduct Cost Planning
275ERP EHP76.0TCK31121Reference Cost EstimateProduct Cost Planning
276ERP EHP76.0TCK31T41Reference Cost Estimate TextsProduct Cost Planning
277ERP EHP76.0TCK32101Costing VersionsProduct Cost Planning
278ERP EHP76.0TCK32T41Costing Version TextsProduct Cost Planning
279ERP EHP76.0TCK3391Assignment of Condition Types to Origin GroupProduct Cost Planning
280ERP EHP76.0TCK35381Valuation Variants in CostingProduct Cost Planning
281ERP EHP76.0TCK3651Valuation Variants in Costing - TextsProduct Cost Planning
282ERP EHP76.0TCK3861Costing Variants for Costing with Multiple ValuationProduct Cost Planning
283ERP EHP76.0TCK3981Costing Variants for Costing with Multiple ValuationProduct Cost Planning
284ERP EHP76.0TCK4031Base Planning Object GroupProduct Cost Planning
285ERP EHP76.0TCK40T51Texts for Base Planning Object GroupProduct Cost Planning
286ERP EHP76.0TCKH151Cost Components - TextsProduct Cost Planning
287ERP EHP76.0TCKH281Assignment: Cost Element Interval - Cost Component StructureProduct Cost Planning
288ERP EHP76.0TCKH3171Cost ComponentsProduct Cost Planning
289ERP EHP76.0TCKH491Cost Component Structure for Cost of Goods ManufacturedProduct Cost Planning
290ERP EHP76.0TCKH541Cost Component Structure - TextsProduct Cost Planning
291ERP EHP76.0TCKH641Cost Component Groups - TextsProduct Cost Planning
292ERP EHP76.0TCKH721Cost Component GroupsProduct Cost Planning
293ERP EHP76.0TCKH8111Cost Component Views in DisplayProduct Cost Planning
294ERP EHP76.0TCKH941Texts for Cost Component Views in DisplayProduct Cost Planning
295ERP EHP76.0TCMF181Assignment: Area of Responsibility <-> MessageProduct Cost Planning
296ERP EHP76.0TCMF331Areas of ResponsibilityProduct Cost Planning
297ERP EHP76.0TCMF441Names of Responsibility AreasProduct Cost Planning
298ERP EHP76.0TCMF5251Object IDs (SAP) for error managementProduct Cost Planning
299ERP EHP76.0TCMF6141Error Management IDs (SAP)Product Cost Planning
300ERP EHP76.0TCMF741BreakpointsProduct Cost Planning
301ERP EHP76.0TCMF831Name of Error Management IDs (SAP)Product Cost Planning
302ERP EHP76.0TCMF951Minimum Message Type (SAP)Product Cost Planning
303ERP EHP76.0TCMFA71User-Defined MessagesProduct Cost Planning
304ERP EHP76.0TCWB_CATT_GRP41CATT-GruppenProduct Cost Planning
305ERP EHP76.0TCWB_CATT_HEADER41Kopfdaten eines CATTsProduct Cost Planning
306ERP EHP76.0TCWB_CATT_IF31Schnittstelle der CATTSProduct Cost Planning
307ERP EHP76.0TCWB_DATA_CONT51DatencontainerProduct Cost Planning
308ERP EHP76.0TCWB_IN_OUT61Umschlüsselung von Input-WertenProduct Cost Planning
309ERP EHP76.0TCWB_ITEM_POOL31Pool an Prozess-BausteinenProduct Cost Planning
310ERP EHP76.0TCWB_OBJECTS121TestobjekteProduct Cost Planning
311ERP EHP76.0TCWB_OBJECTS_ATT101Attribute zu TestobjektenProduct Cost Planning
312ERP EHP76.0TCWB_OBJECTS_HIS151Historie zum TestobjektProduct Cost Planning
313ERP EHP76.0TCWB_PROCESS101Prozess: ProzeßablaufProduct Cost Planning
314ERP EHP76.0TCWB_PROCESS_DEF61Prozess: KopfdatenProduct Cost Planning
315ERP EHP76.0TCWB_SYSTEMS41ERP-SystemeProduct Cost Planning
316ERP EHP76.0TCWB_TESTDATA141TestdatenProduct Cost Planning
317ERP EHP76.0TDATAGROUPS61DatensatzgruppenProduct Cost Planning
318ERP EHP76.0TDATASET151CATT-DatenProduct Cost Planning
319ERP EHP76.0TDEPEND41AbhängigkeitenProduct Cost Planning
320ERP EHP76.0TEE00021Easy Execution ProfileProduct Cost Planning
321ERP EHP76.0TEE000P231Execution ServicesProduct Cost Planning
322ERP EHP76.0TEE000PT61Text Table Execution ServicesProduct Cost Planning
323ERP EHP76.0TEE000T41Text Table Easy ExecutionProduct Cost Planning
324ERP EHP76.0TEE000Z31Assignment of Execution Profile and Permitted ServicesProduct Cost Planning
325ERP EHP76.0TEE00161Purchase Requisition from Easy ExecutionProduct Cost Planning
326ERP EHP76.0TEE00231Reservation from Easy ExecutionProduct Cost Planning
327ERP EHP76.0TEE00361Customizing Purchase Order from Easy ExecutionProduct Cost Planning
328ERP EHP76.0TINTERFACE41Schnittstelle der CATTSProduct Cost Planning
329ERP EHP76.0TITEMS81ProzeßstufenProduct Cost Planning
330ERP EHP76.0TJP_ECP_KPI101ECP: Pricing Key DefinitionProduct Cost Planning
331ERP EHP76.0TJP_ECP_KPIT51IS-M, ECP: KPI - TextsProduct Cost Planning
332ERP EHP76.0TJP_ECP_KPI_BASE111ECP: Formula Element DefinitionProduct Cost Planning
333ERP EHP76.0TNAMECHANGE72Namensersetzung: UmschlüsselungProduct Cost Planning
334ERP EHP76.0TOBJ_CONTROL121Tabelle für Referenzwerte zur Kontrolle von CO-ObjektenProduct Cost Planning
335ERP EHP76.0TOOL_COST81Costs for Prod.Resource/ToolProduct Cost Planning
336ERP EHP76.0TPROCESSES61Prozesse und VariantenProduct Cost Planning
337ERP EHP76.0TSETTINGS131Einstellungen für COPCDATEN und COPCOBJProduct Cost Planning
338ERP EHP76.0WSCONTENT121Workspace Content (Unit Costing)Product Cost Planning
339ERP EHP76.0WSFOLDERS81Workspace Folders - Unit CostingProduct Cost Planning
340ERP EHP76.0WSUSER141User-Dependent WorkspacesProduct Cost Planning
Controlling :: Product Cost Controlling :: Report Selection for Product Costing
341ERP EHP76.0CKBOB512KKB: Object Record (Fixed Database Portion)Report Selection for Product Costing
342ERP EHP76.0CKRCO142Anchor Entry of Summarized CO Object (Summarization Object)Report Selection for Product Costing
343ERP EHP76.0CKRCT61Texts for CKRCOReport Selection for Product Costing
344ERP EHP76.0FCOM_HDB61HDB Customzing for Analytic ViewsReport Selection for Product Costing
345ERP EHP76.0FCOM_HDB_C61HDB Customzing for Customers Analytic ViewsReport Selection for Product Costing
346ERP EHP76.0KKBMM61Characteristic Assignment for Selection Screens for Ord. SelReport Selection for Product Costing
347ERP EHP76.0KKBSB51Selection Screens for Order SelectionReport Selection for Product Costing
348ERP EHP76.0KKBSBT61Text Table for Selection ScreensReport Selection for Product Costing
349ERP EHP76.0KKROBJ_LOCK41Lock Table for Parallel Processing in KKRVReport Selection for Product Costing
350ERP EHP76.0TCLZM61Administr. of Object Characteristics in Class SAP_KKR_CLASSReport Selection for Product Costing
351ERP EHP76.0TKKB1131Costing ReportsReport Selection for Product Costing
352ERP EHP76.0TKKB241Cost Element Groups for Costing ReportsReport Selection for Product Costing
353ERP EHP76.0TKKB3101KKB: General ReportsReport Selection for Product Costing
354ERP EHP76.0TKKBH81Exception rules for traffic lightsReport Selection for Product Costing
355ERP EHP76.0TKKBI31Designations of rule bases for exception rulesReport Selection for Product Costing
356ERP EHP76.0TKKBJ41Rule basis keys for exception rulesReport Selection for Product Costing
357ERP EHP76.0TKKBORSEL61Customizing Table for Order SelectionReport Selection for Product Costing
358ERP EHP76.0TKKBT31Reporting Control ParametersReport Selection for Product Costing
359ERP EHP76.0TKKBU71Application-Dependent Report ParametersReport Selection for Product Costing
360ERP EHP76.0TKKBX91User Groups for Costing ReportsReport Selection for Product Costing
361ERP EHP76.0TKKBY61KKB: Report List for General ReportsReport Selection for Product Costing
362ERP EHP76.0TKKR0121Hierarchy Summarization (Header)Report Selection for Product Costing
363ERP EHP76.0TKKR271Hierarchy Summarization (Handling of Totals Record Files)Report Selection for Product Costing
364ERP EHP76.0TKKR351Hierarchy Summarization (Header Texts)Report Selection for Product Costing
365ERP EHP76.0TKKR4101Hierarchy Summarization (Summarized Object Types)Report Selection for Product Costing
366ERP EHP76.0TKKRA51Hierarchy Summarization (Hierarchy Types)Report Selection for Product Costing
367ERP EHP76.0TKKRB41Hierarchy Summarization (Hierarchy Type Texts)Report Selection for Product Costing
368ERP EHP76.0TKKRC41Hierarchy Summarization (Summarization Object Types)Report Selection for Product Costing
369ERP EHP76.0TKKRD41Hierarchy Summarization (Texts for Summariz. Object Types)Report Selection for Product Costing
370ERP EHP76.0TKKRE31Hierarchy Summarization (Summarization Characteristics)Report Selection for Product Costing
371ERP EHP76.0TKKRF51Hierarchy Summarization (Assignment Summar. Char. to Fields)Report Selection for Product Costing
372ERP EHP76.0TKKRG31Hierarchy Summarization (Summarizable Totals Tables)Report Selection for Product Costing
Controlling :: Product Cost Controlling :: Actual CostingMaterial Ledger :: Alternative Valuation Run
373ERP EHP76.0CKMLAVRDOC162Closing Document for CumulationAlternative Valuation Run
374ERP EHP76.0CKMLAVRDOCCR71Cumulation Posting Document: Currency InformationAlternative Valuation Run
375ERP EHP76.0CKMLAVRDOCIT701Lines for Cumulation Posting DocumentAlternative Valuation Run
376ERP EHP76.0CKMLAVR_CPTFUNC111Functions in the Alternative Valuation Run CockpitAlternative Valuation Run
377ERP EHP76.0CKMLAVR_CPTFUNCT51Text Table Func. in Alternative Valuation Run CockpitAlternative Valuation Run
378ERP EHP76.0CKMLAVR_KOMOK41Account Modifications Posting Alternative Valuation RunsAlternative Valuation Run
379ERP EHP76.0CKMLAVR_KOMOKT51Account Modifications Posting Alternative Valuations: TextsAlternative Valuation Run
380ERP EHP76.0CKMLRUNSCALE161Re-scaling Amounts in the AVRAlternative Valuation Run
381ERP EHP76.0CKMLRUNW171Runs for Weekly Actual Costing in Material LedgerAlternative Valuation Run
382ERP EHP76.0MLAVRSCALE252Re-scaling Amounts AVRAlternative Valuation Run
383ERP EHP76.0MLAVRSCALEKEPH1061Cost Component Split of Re-scaling Amounts AVRAlternative Valuation Run
Controlling :: Product Cost Controlling :: Actual CostingMaterial Ledger :: Distribution of Usage Variances
384ERP EHP76.0CKMLDUVACT221Distribution of Activity Differences: Single Rcords & StatusDistribution of Usage Variances
385ERP EHP76.0CKMLDUVACTCO291Distribution Acty Differences: Diff. Per Acct Assgnmt objectDistribution of Usage Variances
386ERP EHP76.0CKMLDUVN212Distribution of Usage Diff.(Status for each ISEG entry)Distribution of Usage Variances
387ERP EHP76.0CKMLDUVN001L71Distribution of Consumption Differences: Activation ControlDistribution of Usage Variances
388ERP EHP76.0CKMLDUVNCO401Usage Differences for Each Account Assignment ObjectDistribution of Usage Variances
389ERP EHP76.0DUVMSEG_EXTRACT192duv mseg extract for performanceDistribution of Usage Variances
390ERP EHP76.0TDUVN15641Movement Types That Play a Role in DistributionDistribution of Usage Variances
Controlling :: Product Cost Controlling :: Actual CostingMaterial Ledger :: Periodic Material Valuation
391ERP EHP76.0CKMLCUMDOC112Closing Document for CumulationPeriodic Material Valuation
392ERP EHP76.0CKMLDELTAPOST101Temporary Storage for Delta Postings for CumulationPeriodic Material Valuation
Controlling :: Product Cost Controlling :: Cost Object :: Product Cost by Period
393ERP EHP76.0CEZP331Reporting Points Line ItemsProduct Cost by Period
394ERP EHP76.0CHZP251Reporting Points - Change HistoryProduct Cost by Period
395ERP EHP76.0CKPE144CO-PC Cost Object Hierarchy: Individual ObjectsProduct Cost by Period
396ERP EHP76.0CKPH372Master Record: Cost Object ID NumberProduct Cost by Period
397ERP EHP76.0CPZP201Reporting Points - Periodic Totals ValuesProduct Cost by Period
398ERP EHP76.0KOSA_BALT82Procurement Alternative for Prod Cost Coll. in Make-to-OrderProduct Cost by Period
399ERP EHP76.0TCK3761Assignment of Costing Variants with Multiple ValuationProduct Cost by Period
400ERP EHP76.0TKKP241Control for Cost Object ID: Short Text for Default ValuesProduct Cost by Period
401ERP EHP76.0TKV1151Target Cost Versions: Cost Element Group AssignmentProduct Cost by Period
Controlling :: Product Cost Controlling :: Product Cost Planning :: Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure
402ERP EHP76.0KWBS61Assignment of WBS No. - Costing ObjectsCost Estimate with Quantity Structure