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ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
2FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
3/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
4FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
5CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS
6/1RA/0SD010MI170Items for Class SD01 - Raw Data
7/ATL/AANLCP79Periodic Asset-value fields, like anlc, for all areas
8AUDLORIPR7KPro: Logical Information Object Attribute Values
9/OPT/Z1344Reporting table: Text table for exception definitions
10FCO_DOC_HEAD61Failure Cost Document Header

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

2OINV386A/R Invoice
3OCRD332Business Partner
4ORDR386Sales Order
5INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
6OJDT100Journal Entry
7JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows
8OACT114G/L Accounts
9OPOR386Purchase Order
10OPCH386A/P Invoice

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2OINV268A/R Invoice
3OVPM154Outgoing Payments
4ORCT154Incoming Payment
5OIVL77Whse Journal
6OPCH268A/P Invoice
7OOCR9Loading Factors
8OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
9JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows
10OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction - the webs number one PHP Function reference tool
1Business One9.2AACP1761Periods Category-LogFinance
SQL:  selectupdate insert create

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SELECT AbsEntry, PeriodCat, FinancYear, Year, PeriodName, SubType, PeriodNum, F_RefDate, T_RefDate, F_DueDate, T_DueDate, F_TaxDate, T_TaxDate, LogInstanc, UpdateDate, UserSign, LinkAct_1, LinkAct_2, LinkAct_3, LinkAct_4, LinkAct_5, LinkAct_6, ComissAct, LinkAct_8, LinkAct_9, LinkAct_10, LinkAct_11, LinkAct_12, LinkAct_13, LinkAct_14, LinkAct_15, LinkAct_16, LinkAct_17, LinkAct_18, DfltIncom, ExmptIncom, DfltExpn, ForgnIncm, ECIncome, ForgnExpn, DfltRateDi, DecresGlAc, LinkAct_27, DftStockOB, LinkAct_19, LinkAct_20, LinkAct_21, LinkAct_22, LinkAct_23, LinkAct_24, LinkAct_25, LinkAct_26, IncresGlAc, RturnngAct, COGM_Act, AlocCstAct, VariancAct, PricDifAct, CDownPymnt, VDownPymnt, CBoERcvble, CBoEOnClct, CBoEPresnt, CBoEDiscnt, CUnpaidBoE, VBoEPayble, VAsstBoEPy, COpenDebts, VOpenDebts, PurchseAct, PaReturnAc, PaOffsetAc, LinkAct_28, ExDiffAct, BalanceAct, BnkChgAct, LinkAct_29, LinkAct_30, IncmAcct, ExpnAcct, VatRevAct, ExpClrAct, ExpOfstAct, CostRevAct, RepomoAct, WipVarAcct, SaleVatOff, PurcVatOff, DpmSalAct, DpmPurAct, ExpVarAct, CostOffAct, ECExepnses, StockAct, DflInPrcss, DfltInCstm, DfltProfit, DfltLoss, VAssets, StockRvAct, StkRvOfAct, WipAcct, DfltCard, ShpdGdsAct, GlRvOffAct, OverpayAP, UndrpayAP, OverpayAR, UndrpayAR, ARCMAct, ARCMExpAct, ARCMFrnAct, ARCMEUAct, APCMAct, APCMFrnAct, APCMEUAct, NegStckAct, StkInTnAct, GLGainXdif, GLLossXdif, AmountDiff, SlfInvIncm, SlfInvExpn, OnHoldAct, PlaAct, ICClrAct, OCClrAct, PurBalAct, WhICenAct, WhOCenAct, SalDpmInt, PurDpmInt, ExrateOnDt, UserSign2, EURecvAct, EUPayAct, WipOffset, StockOffst, DunIntrst, DunFee, SnapShotId, TDSInterst, TDSCharges, SrvTaxClr, ARConDiffG, ARConDiffL, APConDiffG, APConDiffL, GLConDiffG, GLConDiffL, FreeChrgSA, FreeChrgPU, TDSFee, ResRevenue, ResExpense, ResSalesCr, ResPurchCr, ResNotInv, ResStdExp1, ResStdExp2, ResStdExp3, ResStdExp4, ResStdExp5, ResStdExp6, ResStdExp7, ResStdExp8, ResStdExp9, ResStdEx10, ResWipAct, ResScrapAc, WipOffPlAc, ResOffPlAc, ERDInARAct, ERDInAPAct, CSDInARAct, CSDInAPAct FROM AACP


ColumnFieldDescriptionSQL TypeLengthDecimalsRelationDefault ValueConstraintsSQL Create Statement
1AbsEntryInternal Numberint1100 Allow NULL? 
2PeriodCatPeriod Categorynvarchar100 Allow NULL? 
3FinancYearBeginning of Financial Yeardate80
4YearFinancial Yearint60 Allow NULL? 
5PeriodNamePeriod Namenvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
6SubTypeSub-Period Typechar10YD=Days, M=Months, Q=Quarters, Y=Year Allow NULL? 
7PeriodNumNumber of Periodsint110 Allow NULL? 
8F_RefDatePosting Date Fromdate80
9T_RefDatePosting Date Todate80
10F_DueDateDue Date Fromdate80
11T_DueDateDue Date Todate80
12F_TaxDateDocument Date Fromdate80
13T_TaxDateDocument Date Todate80
14LogInstancLog Instanceint110 Allow NULL? 
15UpdateDateDate of Updatedate80
16UserSignUser Signatureint60 Allow NULL? 
17LinkAct_1Domestic Accounts Receivablenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
18LinkAct_2Checks Receivednvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
19LinkAct_3Cash on Handnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
20LinkAct_4Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
21LinkAct_5Sales Tax Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
22LinkAct_6Customer's Deduction at Sourcenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
23ComissActCredit Card Deposit Feenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
24LinkAct_8Purchase Taxnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
25LinkAct_9Foreign Accounts Receivablenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
26LinkAct_10Domestic Accounts Payablenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
27LinkAct_11Foreign Accounts Payablenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
28LinkAct_12Bank Transfernvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
29LinkAct_13Tax to Pay tonvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
30LinkAct_14Tax Definitionnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
31LinkAct_15Equipment and Assetsnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
32LinkAct_16Withholding Taxnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
33LinkAct_17Advances on Corp. Income Taxnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
34LinkAct_18Opening Balance Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
35DfltIncomRevenue Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
36ExmptIncomTax Exempt Revenue Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
37DfltExpnExpense Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
38ForgnIncmRevenue Account - Foreignnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
39ECIncomeSales Revenue - EUnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
40ForgnExpnExpense Account - Foreignnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
41DfltRateDiEx. Rate Diff. in All Currencynvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
42DecresGlAcG/L Decrease Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
43LinkAct_27Automatic Reconciliation Diff.nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
44DftStockOBAccount for Opening Whse Bal.nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
45LinkAct_19Cash Discountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
46LinkAct_20Cash Discount Clearingnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
47LinkAct_21Realized Exchange Diff. Lossnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
48LinkAct_22Cash Discountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
49LinkAct_23Realized Exchange Diff. Lossnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
50LinkAct_24Rounding Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
51LinkAct_25Realized Exchange Diff. Gainnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
52LinkAct_26Realized Exchange Diff. Gainnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
53IncresGlAcG/L Increase Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
54RturnngActSales Returns Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
55COGM_ActCost of Goods Sold Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
56AlocCstActAllocation Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
57VariancActVariance Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
58PricDifActPrice Difference Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
59CDownPymntCustomer Down Payment Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
60VDownPymntVendor Down Payment Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
61CBoERcvbleBoE Accounts Receivablenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
62CBoEOnClctBill of Exchange on Collectionnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
63CBoEPresntBill of Exchange Presentationnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
64CBoEDiscntBill of Exchange Discountednvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
65CUnpaidBoEUnpaid Bill of Exchangenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
66VBoEPaybleBoE Accounts Payablenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
67VAsstBoEPyBoE Accounts Payablenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
68COpenDebtsCustomer Doubtful Debts Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
69VOpenDebtsVendor Doubtful Debts Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
70PurchseActPurchase Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
71PaReturnAcPurchase Return Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
72PaOffsetAcPurchase Offset Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
73LinkAct_28Period-End Closing Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
74ExDiffActExchange Rate Difference Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
75BalanceActGoods Clearing Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
76BnkChgActBank Charge Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
77LinkAct_29Other Receivablenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
78LinkAct_30Other Payablenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
79IncmAcctDef. Inv. Reval. Revenue Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
80ExpnAcctDef. Inventory Reval. Expensenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
81VatRevActVAT in Revenue Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
82ExpClrActExpense Account for Taxnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
83ExpOfstActExpense Offset Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
84CostRevActCOGS Revaluation Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
85RepomoActREPOMO Revaluation Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
86WipVarAcctWIP Inventory Variance Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
87SaleVatOffDown Payment Tax Offset Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
88PurcVatOffDown Payment Tax Offset Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
89DpmSalActPayment Advancesnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
90DpmPurActPayment Advancesnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
91ExpVarActExpense and Inventory Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
92CostOffActCost of Sale Rev. Offset Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
93ECExepnsesExpense Account - EUnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
94StockActInventory Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
95DflInPrcssDefault for Stk Itm in Processnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
96DfltInCstmDefault for Stock Item in Custnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
97DfltProfitInventory Offset - Incr. Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
98DfltLossInventory Offset - Decr. Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
99VAssetsVendor Asset Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
100StockRvActInventory Revaluation Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
101StkRvOfActInvent Revaluation Offset Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
102WipAcctWIP Inventory Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
103DfltCardInvoice and Payment BPnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
104ShpdGdsActShipped Goods Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
105GlRvOffActG/L Revaluation Offset Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
106OverpayAPOverpayment A/P Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
107UndrpayAPUnderpayment A/P Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
108OverpayAROverpayment A/R Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
109UndrpayARUnderpayment A/R Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
110ARCMActSales Credit Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
111ARCMExpActTax Exempt Credit Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
112ARCMFrnActSales Credit Account - Foreignnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
113ARCMEUActSales Credit Acct - EUnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
114APCMActPurchase Credit Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
115APCMFrnActPurchase Credit Acct - Foreignnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
116APCMEUActPurchase Credit Account - EUnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
117NegStckActNegative Inventory Adj. Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
118StkInTnActStock In Transit Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
119GLGainXdifRealized Exchange Diff. Gainnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
120GLLossXdifRealized Exchange Diff. Lossnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
121AmountDiffAmount Differencesnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
122SlfInvIncmSelf Invoice Revenue Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
123SlfInvExpnSelf Invoice Expense Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
124OnHoldActCapital Goods On Hold Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
125PlaActPLAnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
126ICClrActIncoming CENVAT Clearing Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
127OCClrActOutgoing CENVAT Clearing Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
128PurBalActPurchase Balance Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
129WhICenActIncoming CENVAT Account (WH)nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
130WhOCenActOutgoing CENVAT Account (WH)nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
131SalDpmIntA/R DP Interimnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
132PurDpmIntA/P DP Interimnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
133ExrateOnDtEx Rate on Def Tax Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
134UserSign2Updating Userint60 Allow NULL? 
135EURecvActEU Accounts Receivablenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
136EUPayActEU Accounts Payablenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
137WipOffsetWIP Offset P&L Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
138StockOffstInventory Offset P&L Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
139DunIntrstDunning Interestnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
140DunFeeDunning Feenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
141SnapShotIdSnapshot IDint1100 Allow NULL? 
142TDSInterstTDS Interest Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
143TDSChargesTDS Other Charges Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
144SrvTaxClrService Tax Clearing Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
145ARConDiffGRealized Conversion Diff. Gainnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
146ARConDiffLRealized Conversion Diff. Lossnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
147APConDiffGRealized Conversion Diff. Gainnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
148APConDiffLRealized Conversion Diff. Lossnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
149GLConDiffGRealized Conversion Diff. Gainnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
150GLConDiffLRealized Conversion Diff. Lossnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
151FreeChrgSAFree of Charge Sales Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
152FreeChrgPUFree of Charge Purchase Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
153TDSFeeTDS Fee Acctnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
154ResRevenueRevenue Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
155ResExpenseExpense Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
156ResSalesCrSales Credit Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
157ResPurchCrPurchase Credit Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
158ResNotInvRes. Received Not Inv. Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
159ResStdExp1Std Cost Expense 1nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
160ResStdExp2Std Cost Expense 2nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
161ResStdExp3Std Cost Expense 3nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
162ResStdExp4Std Cost Expense 4nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
163ResStdExp5Std Cost Expense 5nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
164ResStdExp6Std Cost Expense 6nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
165ResStdExp7Std Cost Expense 7nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
166ResStdExp8Std Cost Expense 8nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
167ResStdExp9Std Cost Expense 9nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
168ResStdEx10Std Cost Expense 10nvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
169ResWipActResource WIP Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
170ResScrapAcScrap Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
171WipOffPlAcWIP Offset P&L Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
172ResOffPlAcResource Offset P&L Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
173ERDInARActExchange Rate Interim Sales Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
174ERDInAPActExchange Rate Interim Purchase Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
175CSDInARActCash Discount Interim Sales Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
176CSDInAPActCash Discount Interim Purchase Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 


PRIMARYNoYesAbsEntry, LogInstanc