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ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
2FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
3/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
4FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
5CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS
6/1RA/0SD010MI170Items for Class SD01 - Raw Data
7/ATL/AANLCP79Periodic Asset-value fields, like anlc, for all areas
8AUDLORIPR7KPro: Logical Information Object Attribute Values
9/OPT/Z1344Reporting table: Text table for exception definitions
10FCO_DOC_HEAD61Failure Cost Document Header

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

2OINV386A/R Invoice
3OCRD332Business Partner
4ORDR386Sales Order
5INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
6OJDT100Journal Entry
7JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows
8OACT114G/L Accounts
9OPOR386Purchase Order
10OPCH386A/P Invoice

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2OINV268A/R Invoice
3OVPM154Outgoing Payments
4ORCT154Incoming Payment
5OIVL77Whse Journal
6OPCH268A/P Invoice
7OOCR9Loading Factors
8OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
9JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows
10OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction - the webs number one PHP Function reference tool
1Business One8.82QWZ2191Query Result FieldsReports
SQL:  selectupdate insert create

Use the column checkboxes to build your query. Header columns sets/unsets all columns

SELECT Code, Numerator, FileCode, FieldAlias, Title, SortOrder, SortType, GroupBy, AgregType, CalcField, IsCalc, TmpAlias, TmpDescr, Fld2Alias, FileCode2, Agreg2Type, FldOp, FldCnstVal, Fld2CnsVal FROM QWZ2
ColumnFieldDescriptionSQL TypeLengthDecimalsRelationDefault ValueConstraintsSQL Create Statement
1CodeQuery Codenvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
2NumeratorInternal Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
3FileCodeTable Namenvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
4FieldAliasField Aliasnvarchar100 Allow NULL? 
5TitleField Titlenvarchar300 Allow NULL? 
6SortOrderSort Orderint110 Allow NULL? 
7SortTypeSort Typechar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
8GroupByGroup Bychar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
9AgregTypeAgreggate Functionint110 Allow NULL? 
10CalcFieldCalculation Fieldnvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
11IsCalcIs Calculationchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
12TmpAliasNew Alias in Res. Tablenvarchar110 Allow NULL? 
13TmpDescrNew Description in Res. Tablenvarchar300 Allow NULL? 
14Fld2AliasField 2 Numbernvarchar100 Allow NULL? 
15FileCode2Field 2 Table Namenvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
16Agreg2TypeField 2 Aggregate Functionint110 Allow NULL? 
17FldOpFormula Operationint110 Allow NULL? 
18FldCnstValField Const. Val.nvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
19Fld2CnsValField 2 Const. Val.nvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
PRIMARYNoYesCode, Numerator